Concentr8 Mixer


The most innovative proposition of a last-generation trio of softener products that offers a selection of extremely powerful concentrated sera that can be used individually as super reversers or blended together into a unique cocktail offering a unique experience tailored to the customer’s specialized needs. Professional personalization in all its splendor. The solution to the reconstruction and restoration of hair health is signed by Malibu c.

Malibu c DDL


Malibu C presents the unique 100% Vegan way to remove the chemical residues and dyes from the coatings from your hair and allow your hair to breathe! In the right way, the right order and the right time we can get the right color in our hair while always watching their health. DDL is here to help you change the color of your hair you had.

Μalibu CPR


The NO 1 response to dye correction.

– Removes metal salts

– can remove 1 – 3 tons

– the color will not re-squeeze

– the natural color does not stop

– excellent for the problems of non-professional dyeing

– no intense smell 100% Vegan



Dark tendency to the lips

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Eccentric lipsticks that steal impressions, from deep purple, red, brown, to extreme black.

Choose purple tones of you who have light skin, brown or red you have dark colored skin When we have white epidermis, we avoid the excessively dark lipstick because they make us look even pale.

Use lip pencil of the same color as the lipstick or if you want to give a volume to the lips a darker tone.

Apply lipstick to the inside of your lips and out. Just make sure you do not go out of bounds.

Finally, after the lipstick is intense, prefer light smokey look for the eyes.



Malibu MakeOver


1) Step Crystal gel

– The secret weapon of top colorist in the world.
– Directly removes hair from harmful residues that sabotage chemical services.
– Removes in the moment the bronze appearance and discoloration.
– Returns a clean base workspace for successful and reliable results every time.
– Prevents irritation to the scalp and / or burning sensation caused by chemicals.
– Formula with a patented complex of rich antioxidant vitamins, 100% Vegan.

2) Miracle repair step

-Readings and smoothes dry, damaged hair immediately.
-Spears only the weak points of the hair and strengthens them from within.
– Antioxidant vitamins B5 and E give vital moisture.
-Modifies the hair, giving it blinding shine and natural motion.
-Protects hair against damage caused by aggressive elements of the atmosphere.
-100% Vegan and gluten-free.


Wedding make up

Bridal makeup marks one of the most important moments of a woman, so when she looks at the video or photos after years there is no exaggeration in her face.

The bride emits brilliance in itself as it is flooded with happiness and the bridal dress make her presence more intense. Makeup has to highlight the beautiful facial features of her face.

Earthy colors and pink or peach shades depending on the type of skin will give a fresh effect that will not look altered after the day’s intensity.

The lips are painted with lipstick or lip gloss in soft shades that will shine and look cooler.

The bride must be careful not to change her image altogether and to take care of her skin before the wedding with cleansing and proper hydration.



Which makeup products we do not never, have to borrow!


Powder, Foundation, Blush, Shadows

We never lend mascara, brushes or shades because transfer of microbial flora from one person to another can lead to serious bacterial or viral conjunctivitis, conditions requiring treatment.

Sponges increase greasyness, adding acne.

While the presence of debris can trigger an allergic reaction. Even if a skin looks clean, it does not mean it does not seem to exist.

The transfer of microbial load can trigger a local infection. So it undermines exactly the same danger as if you see a face full of acne. Therefore, proper cleaning and disinfection must be carried out before each use.