Beauty tips for a glamorous face on your wedding day

Beauty tips for a glamorous face on your wedding day

Beauty Μasks on your wedding are the best choice to shine the most beautiful day of your life!
Of course you will remain faithful in your daily care 3 months before but in the last week you can use beauty masks every day. Masks will give you incredible glamor, freshness and youthfulness in the face – because most of the time they are very pressurized days and the face in the last few days it’s getting tired!
Making the masks will show your makeup better and will last longer.

We, of course, offer you advanced, aloe-powered products for guaranteed results!
After you clean your face with Sonya soap or Infinite emulsion, you’ll have a deep 4-speed exfoliation with the Smoothing exfoliator that will bring out the glamor and softness to your face!
Then apply the aloe propolis cream with beeswax that improves the tone of the skin and soothes and after that you will apply the miraculous mask powder mask!

Why do we call it a miracle? Because it has the effect of facelifting on the face and the eyes and it excites us every time we use it for 30 years!Let it dry (about 30 ‘) and once you remove it, use Infinite serum with your favorite cream and awakening eye cream!
This mask is worshiped for 30 years but we have fallen in love with the new biocellulose mask.
A biocellulose mask, a leaf full of aloe and herbs that gives you incredible hydration, shine at 20 ‘and takes many years! It’s the coolest and most fresh mask you’ve ever seen!
We clean the face and exfoliate it as above, apply infinite serum and awakening eye creme and top the biococellular mask! After 20 ‘we remove and massage the product that will remain on the face. Ideal for your wedding day before your makeup!
But, if you are not the type that you are attracted to the process of putting – a beauty mask, we recommend the night mask of the Sonya range! A gentle mask to use waking up with incredible shine and freshness in the morning!
You can use it every day for a week – it does not stain your pillows or your husband!
Clean with Sonya soap, apply a layer of mask before you go to sleep and leave it!

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