Portrait of calm emotionless model with long windy hair.Studio shot.


For us,is an important and not at all a secondary hairdressing work.It is about a methodof treatment for the hair and the skin and not just a simple cleaning procedure.In addition,the success of hairdressing work depend on great degree from good andright shampoo.


Haircutting (women,men,kids)

Haircut doesn’t mean just cutting hair but giving shape and aesthetic appearence.It corrects imperfections,provides facial characteristics and practically makes our lives easier,shows fashion and gives beauty.


Treatment of hair

The beauty of hair is their health.So we are obliged to take them care after even the healthy ones,so as to preserve them always in good condition.Every manyfactured company of hairstyling products have specialized products that can face any case or hair problem.


Evening or night hairstyle

It can be done either long or sort hair.With the addition of postis or exte,drawn forward or up – tresses and/or curls.It can also combined with ponytail placing hair on the top or in the neck of head.


Dyeing - Shades

We give you the ability to the differenciate your hair color, or yyour nanural color, or darkening(widening/opening) or changing the shade or correcting white hair.

23. Περμανάντ


It is a form that lasts in shape for straight or curly hair.With permanant every woman can get hair with volume and curls for a really long time.


Make up

Play with colors and textures don’t be afraid to try the different.



Do you need volume or length?The solution for you is extension.